Stars of Hope Always in Love to Lupin - Ben

I hope you enjoy browsing my site, and I hope Ben makes you laugh as much as he makes me. Ben was born on June 5, 2008, in a litter of four puppies. He spent his puppyhood with his breeder Anita, whom I would like to thank here for all the love and caring you gave to Ben and for the tears in your eyes when I decided Ben is coming home with me. I couldn't imagine a better breeder for my little Ben!

My greatest and only wish when I decided to have a dog was for him to accompany me 24/7 (which was also the reason why I preferred to take a small dog over a long-wished big one). However, I soon realized my puppy was an energetic bomb who resembled more a monkey than a dog. Long walks and hikes were never tiring enough. That's why we decided to use the brains and started to learn tons of tricks and to take agility classes to make some use of this extra energy.

četrtek, 22. december 2011

Christmas Card 2011 and Winnie's progress

Just sharing our Christmas Card that we made together with Simona Limona, Benetton&Nike, and another video of Winnie's progress. She is one amazing little girl <3

Christmas Card

Winnie Foundations3

ponedeljek, 12. december 2011


One of my all-time favourite songs, a masterpiece actually, it reminds me of my sweet Ben so much.

I usually hate rainy days, but today I just love this lousy weather. It gives me a great excuse to stay in for the afternoon, and get some rest, because I need a day off really badly. It's not a real day off, I still had to work in the morning, but at least it's an afternoon off. Lately I've been so busy that I can hardly stand on my feet. So I guess I'll just play with the dogs inside today, do some tricks and I'll try to engage myself with the Christmas tree. Oh yes, a rainy day every now and then really feels good! Little Winnie burns all my energy away, she is restless and hyperactive, nothing can tire her. Nights are getting better, but she wouldn't sleep for a minute during the day. And since I try to keep her mind occupied very hard, I also have to work a lot with Ben or he feels pushed aside and that's definitely something I don't want. So lately we've been doing lots of walking, running (8 km three times a week), agility, tricks, chasing balls, hiking, filming tricks, etc. So no wonder I feel like crashing on the bed at the end of the day. But I love this life, I love being active, I love Winnie's energy and I love little Ben's enthusiasm for working with me. We went to a competition on Saturday. Little Ben started really happy and full of enthusiasm but unfortunately the carpet was slippery and he was slipping more than any other dog and his run was slower every second. It was pretty much the same in the second run, he was really crazy on the startline, but then started slipping, he didn't finish the weave poles, which is really not something he would do if the surface was grass, so I just sent him over the dogwalk again and finished the course, praised him a lot and made him really happy. I was determined never to enter him on a competition with a carpet again but then I got some advice from a friend, which really might help with slipping, so I might try it. If that doesn't work, I really don't want to run him on a carpet ever again. Anyways, I am not any less proud of him than if he had finished with a medal, seeing him trying so hard made me prouder than any best time or clean run. Little Winnie was a little absent from time to time, she looked stressed around so many loud dogs, but when I took her a little farther, she concentrated really well and was again her crazy self. I should really go, she's just tying out one of her crazy "ideas"...