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I hope you enjoy browsing my site, and I hope Ben makes you laugh as much as he makes me. Ben was born on June 5, 2008, in a litter of four puppies. He spent his puppyhood with his breeder Anita, whom I would like to thank here for all the love and caring you gave to Ben and for the tears in your eyes when I decided Ben is coming home with me. I couldn't imagine a better breeder for my little Ben!

My greatest and only wish when I decided to have a dog was for him to accompany me 24/7 (which was also the reason why I preferred to take a small dog over a long-wished big one). However, I soon realized my puppy was an energetic bomb who resembled more a monkey than a dog. Long walks and hikes were never tiring enough. That's why we decided to use the brains and started to learn tons of tricks and to take agility classes to make some use of this extra energy.

četrtek, 16. junij 2011


Isn't he cute? You may think what you like, but I have the sweetest and the most beautiful dog in the world! <3 <3 <3 Everytime I look at that funny face, his funny hair, it just makes me laugh over and over again :D

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  1. Itak, najbolj kjut pudelj :P

  2. NE, najbolj kjut kuža od vseh! :P

  3. maš prav, najbolj kjut kuža od vseh :) Takoj za njim je pa Panetone.